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Serie A Clubs that Decide to Start Training Session Earlier

Some Serie A clubs decided to start their training after suspending it for a few weeks. Serie A clubs can restart the individual training sessions. They can start the team training on 18 May 2020. Sassuolo is the first team that starts their training session earlier. Sassuolo has a bigger optimistic and positive feeling. This squad won the match with 3 goals against Brescia. It was the last match before the competition was postponed. The official posts the first training session on their official Twitter account. The pictures show that some of the players start to exercise in the field. It seems that the players start the exercise by considering the physical distancing rule. The post shows that the squad started the first exercise session on 4 May 2020. 

Bologna and Atalanta are two clubs that are also starting the training session. Inter Milan also opens its training center. The condition starts to relax in Europe after the lockdown. People are allowed to do exercise and visit their relatives. This is the reason why those clubs decide to start the training session. The Serie A committee suspended the competition on 9 March 2020. It means there are 13 matches left the clubs have to play. The sports minister Vincenzo Spadafora explains that there is no idea to restart the competition or any rules on the Serie A. He also says that there is no further discussion on the championship. The committee only waits and sees the latest news from the government. The position remains the same as before the committee postponed the league. Juventus is in the first position in the Serie A this season. Lazio is in the second position followed by Inter Milan, Atalanta, and Roma. Juventus achieves 63 points whereas Lazio achieves 62 points. Inter Milan got 54 points and Atalanta got 48 points. Roma is in the fifth position with 45 points. There is no clear information yet about when the committee continues the Serie A. One thing for sure that they will not restart the league. Instead of doing that, they will continue the rest of the matches and finish it. Serie A fans can only wait and see if the committee decides to hold the matches closed doors and without supporters. 

The pictures posted by Sassuolo give a positive vibe to all Serie A clubs and their fans. It seems there is a hope that the committee will resume the league immediately. There is no additional comment from other clubs about the decision to start the training session earlier. Some clubs may consider the safety of the players. They also have to consider so many things if the committee held the competition closed doors. All clubs and fans only hope for the best. The highest expectation is that the Serie A league competition will return to normal. The fans can attend and see their favorite clubs safely. People know the club that won the competition. The most important thing is that clubs can start a new season in better condition. https://www.judibolaterbaik.co/