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5 Interesting Facts About a Trezeguet Career

Trezeguet is one of the legendary soccer players in the world that was once owned by France and Juventus. Trezeguet has proven himself as the best footballer by giving them various championship trophies in various competitions.

At this time, Trezeguet has decided to hang up his shoes and continue his life as a staff member at the Juventus club. Even so, his name certainly will not be easily forgotten by everyone because of the best appearance that has been shown by him. Also, some interesting facts are not widely known by people about the career journey story of Trezeguet himself. sbobet online

Heroes of France at Euro 2000

One event that will not be forgotten for football fans in the appearance of a Trezeguet is when France met Italy in the final Euro 2000 championship.

During the match, Italy led the match by scoring 1 goal against France. However, just as the match experienced extra time at the end of the match, Trezeguet entered the field in substitution and also scored. It was a miracle for France at that time that Trezeguet became a hero until finally France was crowned Euro 2000 champion.

The longest reserve player at Juventus

The appearance that was shown Trezeguet at Euro 2000 also made Juventus recruit him. But unfortunately, here Trezeguet must compete with front-line players who already have the trust first, namely Del Piero and Inzaghi.

Trezeguet has made several appearances and performances. But still, Trezeguet could not yet get the trust of Carlo Ancelotti, who was then handling Juventus. When approaching the end of its inaugural season at Juventus, Trezeguet also plans to leave Juventus.

Success at Juventus

Trezeguet decision to leave Juventus was finally canceled. This is because Inzaghi at that time also decided to leave Juventus and move to defend AC Milan.

Because of this, Trezeguet finally began to be entrusted to fill the Juventus front line coupled with Del Piero. This is also supported by the Juventus coaching chair which has been replaced and filled by Marco Lippi.

The appearance is given by Trezeguet was very satisfying for the parties. He managed to give a scudetto to Juventus and was awarded as the best Serie A player in the 2001/2002 season.

Ignored and hated by Juventus fans

At the beginning of his arrival at Juventus, in addition to not being able to gain the confidence to be placed in this team, Trezeguet was also not welcomed by Juventus fans because of the heroic action taken by him when he saved France from Italy at the Euro 2000 event.

This certainly makes him feel awkward at the same time ashamed of his surroundings. However, it all vanished when Trezeguet was trusted by coach Marco Lippi and presented the scudetto to Juventus. The fans are now starting to like and give a place in their hearts to Trezeguet.

Survive at Juventus

When in 2006, Juventus was hit by a scandal known as Calciopoli. Because of this, some players like Ibrahimovic, Thuram, Vieira, and Zambrotta decided to leave Juventus.

At the same time, Trezeguet still decided to stay at Juventus. At that time, Trezeguet had already received an offer to come to Anfield by Rafa Benitez. But he still refused and stayed with other players such as Del Piero, Buffon, Nedved, and Camoranesi.